Thursday, 11 December 2014

Large Stamp, Linocut

Large white interior walls are like blank canvases and so I have made a very large stamp to decorate them. First attempt inspired  by the Make Art not War poster below.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Linocut print on linen

First attempt at the YMCA last Friday. We learnt a lot on the importance of using good carving tools and ink. I have ordered a couple from Pfeil in 0.5 and 1mn for finer work, some printing ink, linseed oil and watercolour white paint to coat the Lino with. Il faut ce qu' il faut ;)

There is a also great history behind this medium, particularly when it comes to historical and contemporary movements for social change which I would like to explore next time. Stay tuned, we might come up with a Linocut Print workshop next year.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Cob House

Bricolage Ballarat is seeking for an instructor to teach natural building methods such as cob. Contact us by email:)

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Term 3 & Term 4: Papier Mâché Workshop

What: An introduction to Papier Mâché
3 hours Workshop

27th of September 10am to 1pm 
4th of October 10am to 1pm
18th of October 10am to 1pm

(Register your interest by sending me an email)
Where: Ballarat (venue to be confirmed)
How much: $8 per hour & student
Age:  3 groups can be accommodated in the same session 5-10 & 10+ 
This workshop is also available for children with special needs. Contact us for more information on private and/or group booking.

Our Papier Mache Workshop is about the young lot getting their hands dirty and learning all about the time-old tradition of Papier Mâché. Older students will get the chance to find out how bits of paper are transformed into useful 3D objects and be introduced to creative constructions. Younger children will  be also given pre-made Papier Mâché items that they can decorate themselves.

Some Projects that have inspired us....

Handmade doll: Pinterest

Ruan Hoffmann: Pinterest

Term 3 & 4: Papier Mâché Puppet

What: An introduction to Puppet making using Papier Mâché
When: 23rd September to 3rd October & on Saturday from the 21st December to 24th January (Register your interest by sending us an email)
Two classes (2X3 hours) Workshop * All abilities
Where: Ballarat
How much:$8 per hour & student
Age: 8+

27th of September 2 pm to 5pm 
4th of October 2pm to 5pm
18th of October 2pm to 5pm

In this two-session, six hours workshop children are led step by step through the making of a puppet with Papier Mâché. In the first session, they will make puppet heads from newspaper strip Mâché. The puppets will be set to dry for a week.  In the second session,  children will paint their puppet.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Term 3: Christmas Eco Art Workshop

Robot: Pinterest

The Christmas Eco Art Workshop is coming to Ballarat!

What: Hand made, sustainable Christmas gift giving and decorating in Ballarat.
When – 
Saturday the 6th of December 1 pm to  4pm
Saturday the 13th of December 1 pm to  4pm
Saturday the 20th of December 1 pm to  4pm

 Where - Location to be confirmed ( Ballarat central)
3 hours Workshop All abilities
Cost - $8 per hour & child (includes tuition from qualified teacher and experienced artists, tools and materials)

Contact - or 03.5332.4668

The team will teach children to make their own gifts and decorations in a series of Christmas-themed Eco-art Workshops. This workshop program will introduce children to a world of unconventional, colourful, and interesting materials that were once destined for landfill. Designed for 4-12 year olds, these themed workshops will encourage children to create works of art, gifts and decorations using trash! 

Our aim is to teach children to use arts in creative ways to promote environmental sustainability. This Workshop will help them develop an appreciation of how consumption and waste impacts on our environment. The creative application of salvaged materials and will also encourage children to think laterally about ways that they can re-use ordinary objects that are often deemed as rubbish. 

Children will be able to make a number of decorations, including paper houses, old map wreath, robots, musical instruments, gifts and more using the fantastic array of clean recycled material.  Children can take home their creations and give them as gifts to family members or decorate their Christmas trees, making this Christmas an Eco Christmas!

All workshops are held in different locations to be confirmed soon!

Stay tuned & thanks for visiting!


Some Projects to share that have inspired us...

Recycled maps Wreath: Pinterest
Carton boxes & Paper Houses: Pinterest
Tea Towel: Pinterest
Earthheartdecor: Etsy

Mini Eco